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Lead Vocals | Guitar

Played Piano by ear his whole life, and decided in 1997 while attending The University of Pittsburgh to get a Guitar... His Roomate was Adam Holquist, and he showed Seann some chords and he has been playing and Writing ever since...

He moved out to New York City and began writing more and playing with a Band called " Two Detuned Banjos and a Saxophone"...

In a Bar called The Baggot Inn in Greenwich Village, Quaker Poet was Born in a Thursday Night Jam Session/Open Mic...This name followed Seann around at various Singer/Songwriter gigs, and out to LaLa land; destination Hollywood, CA...

With his Girlfriend, Gwendolyn Lee and his drinking buddy from New York, Josh Bodenweiser, Los Angeles was a writers den for Quaker Poet...

Moving Back to Sibleyville, PA, deep in the Greenlee Woods, Seann kept writing and rewriting, soon venturing out as Seann P Clark...
Teaming up with his old Roomate, and his Uncle
(whom he has jammed with since 1997) and a Drummer named Doug; the Birth of Basket Eddy...

Seann still writes with Josh Bodenweiser and still records under Quaker Poet as well as a duo with Abby Barrett called " The Mighty Sea"

***Also releases Music/Lyrics under the name Quaker Poet

Also a member of The Mighty Sea, Quaker Poet


Martin 000-15sm
Taylor Baritone 8
Gold-Tone Weissenborn
Cole Clark FL2 11 string

Bass | Vocals

Adam Holquist plays bass and sings backing vocals.  He is a veteran of various area bands, including God’s Day Off and The Moralists, and also performs solo experimental electronic music as onewayness.  Adam attempts to take a tasteful, melodic approach to the instrument, favoring groove over flash, and takes his strongest influences from the worlds of classic and progressive rock, post-punk, and jazz.

Adam online at



Horizontal Experiment Productions

Lead Guitar

Gibson SG
Gibson Les Paul
Gretsch Billy-Bo
Taylor T5

Slide Guitar

A child of the 80's, Tony Kellogg grew up listening to his parents music, including The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and The Beatles. Tony showed a talent for singing at a young age, singing with middle school chorus. In his early teens, he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan and it made him want to pick up a guitar. Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" and Eric Clapton's "Unplugged" albums pushed him to want an acoustic guitar, and by 1996 he was playing songs for friends at campfires. 

He started writing his own songs in 1999, developing through heavy influence from Oasis, Clapton and Robert Johnson; later, Dashboard Confessional and John Mayer.

In the 2000's, Tony recorded four independent CD's: "Coming Home", "Kelso Drive", "I'm Nobody Without Myself", and "The Kitchen Sessions", all to lots of high acclaim from friends and peers.



Basket Eddy CD

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Quaker Poet: Friendship and Lies
(Seann Clark Solo Album)

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